Assembly and balancing

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Make an appointment in our auto centre to check your tyre wear. Our technicians will assess and if applicable recommend new tyres in order to maintain safety for you and your vehicle. Our service includes: - The disassembling of the wheel and the tyre - The assembly of new a tyre - The replacement of the valve - The balancing of the wheel - The inflation of the tyre with air or the nitrogen (supplement may be applicable) - Re-fit the wheel on your vehicle Our team has all the necessary equipment for this service as well as the qualifications required for this type of handling.

Assembly and balancing


Why do tyres need balancing?

As you drive, your tyres lose balance. This is because tread wear causes imbalances in your tyre and therefore in your tyres ability to keep you on the straight and narrow.

How will I know if my tyres need balancing?

Usually, you will feel unusual shaking or vibration as you drive. This may not be apparent to you in the early stages of tyre wear and that is why we recommend you come into TYREPLUS Northgate every 6 months so we can check this out for you.

Do rear tyres need balancing?

For tyre balance maintenance, we usually complete this for comfort while driving mainly. However, there are a number of safety concerns that can come with extensive tread wear also. Whether or not you balance rear tyres will depend on whether they are posing the issue whilst driving. Usually, if it is the rear tyres you will feel those unusual vibrations in your seat, rather than in your steering wheel. This will tell you it is the rear tyres that need balancing. Or, you can just let your local TYREPLUS Northgate service centre sort this out for you!