Tyre repair

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Modern tyres are highly sophisticated and should only be repaired by trained professionals. Depending on the area where your tyre has punctured or worn, a tyre repair may be possible. Most punctures or holes less than 6mm can be repaired by the team at your local TYREPLUS store.

Tyre repair


How do I know whether I can repair my tyre?

The best thing to do is bring your tyre into your local TYREPLUS Northgate service centre and we can tell you whether or not it can be done. This is the best option because you could save money by asking before you replace. Feel free to drop in and we will assist to get you back on the road sooner with safe tyres.

When is a tyre repairable and when isn't it?

Usually your tyre is repairable when:

  • it has been punctured by a small object (e.g. a nail, bolt, screw). These will generally be slow punctures and you may not realise straight away. However, as soon as you realise you need to get to your local TYREPLUS Northgate service centre straight away in order for the tyre to be repairable. It is also unsafe to be driving around on the road with any kind of tyre puncture.
  • the puncture is less than 6mm in diameter
  • the puncture occured in the central portion of the tread of the tyre

Can I just repair the tyre myself?

No. We never recommend that anybody who is not qualified attempt to repair a tyre themselves. If you have a puncture on the road that is preventing you from driving safely, you will need to change to your spare tyre. This will allow you to get to TYREPLUS Northgate for us to assess the repairability of your punctured tyre.