Wheel Alignment

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A regular wheel alignment can not only improve your experience while you're driving, but it will also prolong the life of your tyres. Wheel misalignment can occur for a number of reasons and will put your safety at risk. The alignment technicians at your local TYREPLUS will ensure that your wheels are expertly aligned to steer true.

Wheel Alignment


Should I only get a wheel alignment when I get new tyres?

No. We recommend that you get a wheel alignment when you have your tyres rotated and of course when you purchase a new set of tyres we will conduct a wheel alignment on them for you. However, correct wheel alignment is paramount to your safety while driving your vehicle so you should consider getting regular wheel alignments.

How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

Generally, we can start to feel when our vehicle needs a wheel alignment - but this isn't always true. This can depend on how atuned you are to the feel of your vehicle. Some people don't pay much attention while others do. Generally, your steering may feel kind of loose or wanders a little around the road can be a sign that you need a wheel alignment. On the other hand it may take more effort to steer your vehicle.

Why would I need a wheel alignment if I have a new car for example?

It is not just old cars or tyres that have been driven on for quite some time that need a wheel alignment. A number of things can happen that result in you needing to realign your vehicle's wheels. The most common way your vehicles go out of alignment is something hitting your tyre at force. So for example, if you hit a pot hole or a concrete block in a shopping centre car park, this can cause misalignment. 

Also, any time you replace a part of your steering assembly or suspension, it is wise to have an alignment check as well. TYREPLUS Northgate's experienced professionals will always recommend this.