Wheel Balancing

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If your vehicle's wheels are unbalanced it can cause premature and expensive wear to your tyres while also causing steering and tracking problems. Imbalanced wheels increase the wear on key components of your vehicle. The technicians at TYREPLUS will ensure your wheel weight is distributed evenly.

Wheel Balancing


When are my wheels out of balance?

A tyre is out of balance when one section of the tyre is heavier than the others. When we balance your wheels, we redistribute the weight around the tyre to increase longevity of your tyre and also comfortability when driving. 

How will I know if one or many of my wheels are out of balance?

You may feel a vibration whilst driving that will be uncomfortable and likely quite obvious.

So, when do I usually need my wheels balanced?

  • if your steering wheel or vehicle is vibrating or your tyres are particularly noisy
  • when you are replacing your tyres
  • when you are rotating your tyres

TYREPLUS Northgate have experienced professionals that can handle all kinds of wheel balancing for your vehicle. Leave it in our capable hands.